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Upgrade Your Career

Course Overview

Our unique course is everything you need to make your artistry reach a globally accepted level. The course is designed and suited to benefit existing makeup professionals. This course delivers complimentary training on social media in our signature private setting.

Course Description

Module For Our Week Long Unique Course

Day 1 :

Session 1 - Acting Upon Your Existing Skills

We will make you work on a face with a brief to do your best in makeup. You’ll have to portray on your model your preferred way of skin work and your way of doing eyes. This activity will be done from 7.00am to 10.00 am before the class starts.

Javed Sir will demonstrate 4 major and complete face corrections with each feature correction on stage for all of you to see.
Each correction demo will last for at least one hour.

Session 2 - Correction By You

You’ll be given a detailed feedback with a flow chart of specific places where you need a turnaround for your techniques, product usage and the amount of product you use.

You’ll ‘correct one side of the face’ and act upon the recent feedback and correct and strengthen all your areas of improvement.

P.S: In this activity, there’ll be no removal of makeup. Makeup is always corrected and never removed. This is an activity to prepare you for real world situations where you might drastically go wrong with your brides.

Day 2:

Full Demo On Experienced Skin

Session 1: Theory

Colour theory for base
Ingredient and product knowledge
Effective choice of base

Session 2: Theory

Base work with different textures and consistency of foundations.
Working on women of different ages (skin age)

Session 3: Demo

Base for heavily wrinkled skin
The ever problematic crease 


Day 3:

Session 1:

Blush - Highlight - Contour In Detail With Colour Theory

Practice with activities

Session 2:

Detailed understanding of face shape
Exam on face shapes

Session 3:

Practical Activity :
Contour - Highlight - Blush Activity For Different Face Shapes 

Session 4:

Introduction to brows and advance brows
Introduction to eyeliners

Day 4:

Session 1:
Analysis of your personal improvement during the course

Session 2:
Eyeliners All The Way With
Practice - Practice -Practice

Types Of Liners Taught:

Classic Liner
Winged Liner
Disconnected Liner
Pin Up Liner
Graphic Liner
Smudged Liner Work
Glitter Liner
Reverse Liner

PS: You’ll have to keep your models ready with complete base as the liners would reflect properly on a face where the base is complete.
Models complete base will be done by you before Javed Sir comes to class on this day under the supervision of the assistants.
Javed Sir will be coming and starting with the chapter of the day which is liners.

Day 5:

Session 1 :

Classic Smokey Eyes
Halo Eyes
Dual Tone Smokey
Dramatic Smokey

Session 2:

Lips and Liner Practice

Day 6

Liner Practice

2 full looks demo as per the demand of the batch.
Get any 2 reference looks and we’ll teach you how to create that.

Day 7
Portfolio With High End Designer Outfits

Seema Gujral
Amit Aggarwal
Gaurav Gupta
Jade By Monica and Karishma 
Falguni and Shane Peacock

You will practice both the looks half and half on the models faces.

Models are part of the fee

You’ll have complete access to our library in the entire week and you can use all the products at your disposal.



9th August 2022

16th August 2022


6 Days