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Makeup Your Career

Course Overview

Our unique one month master training course is designed to advance you into all aspects of makeup and is great for beginners and existing artists alike.

This course comes with intense techniques on professional makeup and a luxurious kit as a takeaway to add that sparkle to your practice. 

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Course Description

Your course tutor and course faculties for this entire curriculum will be some of the schools most well received, most well reviewed and the most adept faculties.

You’ll be taught everything in utmost detail in a unique 240 hour class spread over one month right from basics in makeup to detailed foundation usage to airbrush to eye makeup and liners.

Product specialisation is an uncovered module in any of our former courses and is a key addition in this course over and above the other added star factors.

4 Week Intense Course Curriculum:

Week 1:

  • Ingredient Specialisation 

  • Product Understanding 

  • Understanding, Observing and Consulting Your Client

  • Analysing Your Observation 

  • Colour Theory

  • Colour Wheel

  • Colour Negotiation 

  • Skin Care and Skin Prep

  • Colour Correction and Concealing

  • Foundation Application Cream, Liquid and Powder

  • Weather Based Base Work

  • Contour Vs Bronzer 

  • Application Of Contour : Cream, Liquid and Powder 

  • Application Of Cream, Liquid and Powder Highlighter 

  • Bronzing 

  • Application Of All Types Of Blushes

Week 2:

  • Base Work With Airbrush

  • Mastering The Classic Smokey Eye

  • Highlight-Contour-Blush With Airbrush

  • Full Body Makeup With Airbrush

  • Hi Fashion Stencil Work With Airbrush 

  • Making Your Own Stencils

  • Backstage With Airbrush

Week 3:

  • Understanding The Glitter Granules 

  • Understanding Foil Shadows

  • Dramatic Dual Tone Smokey Eye

  • Glitter Smokey Eye

  • Eye Liners With All Mediums : Gel, Liquid, Kohl and Pen

  • Glitter Liner

  • Graphic Liners

  • Variations Of Winged Liners

  • Pin Up Liner

  • Disconnected Liner

  • Liners For Different Eye Shapes

  • Variations Of Techniques In Doing Liners

  • Brows And Brow Shapes

  • Filling Brows With Different Mediums

  • Lash Application With Single and Full Lashes 

  • Reverse Smokey Eye

Week 4:

  • Pheras

  • Sangeet and Reception

  • Haldi and Mehendi

  • Cocktail and Sundowners

  • Bridal Edit

  • Designer Bridal Campaigns

  • Photoshoots and Folio

The course comes with a lot of unique arrangements for the students: 

Models For Practice Everyday From Week 3 Will Be Provided By The School

The Course Includes A Luxurious Takeaway Kit

The Course Works On A Reverse Billing System Giving You The Perfect Returns On Your Investment

Students Will Have Complete Access To Our Makeup Library For Their Usage.
The Library Has A Ton Of Products From World Over As Seen In The Schools American Instagram Live Videos

Foundations From All Brands Like The Below Mentioned Will Be Provided To The Students For Complete Usage :
Charlotte Tilbury

The Class Will Be For A Tuition Period Of 24 Days In Total.
5 Days Each Week.

The Complimentary Takeaway Kit Would Include:

-Anastasia Soft Glam Palette
-Anastasia Norvina Palette
-Pro Tartiest Palette
-Makeup By Mario Lip Palette
-Beauty Blender 
-Laura Mercier Loose Powder
-Gel Liner 
-Gel Pot
-Complete Foundation Usage From The Library

The course is limited to exactly 20 students. 

A Professional Portfolio With A Celebrity Photographer Is Part Of The Course. 

Total Number Of Looks To Be Created By Students Would Be Twelve Looks With A Top Bridal Stylist On Board

Beauty Folio With Editorial Shoots Is Optional As An Exchange In Place Of Bridal Folio Shall The Student Be Interested In The Same

The course is equipped with an ad agency that will support you for a month long period on a retainer after you pass out of the course.

Call +91 9326260479 today for all the details.

Three Lakhs Fifty Thousand Only


1st Sept 2022

30th Sep 2022


30 Days